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"The gods are watching over you guys. You're incredible. You're amazing. Seriously, you're a real inspiration. We're right behind you, supporting you 100%, from the sidelines."
— Item Guy

Item Guy is a character in Mother 3. He is a wandering man who allows Lucas and co. to store items. His first appearance is in Chapter 4, beside the Cross Road Station, north of Tazmily Village. He does not require any DP for his services, and appears in several different areas in the Nowhere Islands. He is last seen in Chapter 8, underneath New Pork City. He is also used to store useful, or undroppable items, such as Trivia Cards, and the Mole Cricket Brother.


The Item Guy can be found in the following locations:


  • He is the equivalent of Escargo Express from EarthBound.
  • The only difference between him and Escargo Express, is that:
    • Tracy, the sister of the main protagonist, stores the items for Ness and co., but only in Ness's home and in Magicant. Item Guy appears in many places.
    • Ness can use the Phone, to call in a delivery man to store in/check out items, at a cost of $18. Item Guy doesn't have delivery services, since Save Frogs replace phones.
    • Significantly, he is seen in the Highway travelling in other places. That is a hint on how he gets to all places.
    • The Memo menu shows that the Item Guy was supposed to have a tent where you could take a rest in, similar to Hotels and 2 of the tents in Winters (an Earthbound location), completely restoring everyone's HP and PP.