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"Please forgive my late introduction. I am Fassad's interpreter."
— The Interpreter

The Interpreter is a minor character in Mother 3. It is a robot designed to accompany Fassad and translate his speech into clear Japanese/English (depending on whether the official game or the fan made English translation is played).


As a result of his banana peel-induced fall from Thunder Tower back in Chapter 5, and the horns implanted in his mouth during his "repairs", the Interpreter was required in order for Fassad to communicate effectively, and accompanies him everywhere he goes. The Interpreter stays out of both boss fights involving Fassad for these reasons.

Fire Mountain[]

In Chapter 7, just before Lucas and company can pull the Needle of Fire Mountain (guarded by the Magypsy Phrygia), New Fassad and his Interpreter arrive to stop them. The Interpreter tells Lucas and company what Fassad would say if he could talk: he feels much more beautiful and stronger than ever, but no gratitude will be given, as he blames them for the accident at Thunder Tower's peak (despite him being the catalyst to his own demise). Ever since, the shame and humiliation were a great bother to him, and so he plans to return the pain to Lucas. Fassad feels he will not lose this fight, and plans to show them a "mature, grown up terribleness" as the boss fight begins.

The Interpreter says after Fassad's defeat that he will exact his revenge much later. Declaring the "interpretation session" over, as the robot departs with Fassad.

New Pork City[]

Later on in Chapter 8, in the sewers of New Pork City, New Fassad has been upgraded to Miracle Fassad, and is still accompanied by the Interpreter. When Miracle Fassad surprises the party as they are about to leave the sewers, the Interpreter then tells them what Miracle Fassad says in a nutshell: that he vows to show no mercy this time and end their quest right there.

After Miracle Fassad is ruined, the Interpreter reveals Fassad's dying words: though he loathes Lucas and company, this whole quest was merely Porky's game, and he was tired of having to scrap. due In the fact, Fassad has let himself go from that whirlpool, and now Lucas and company were trapped in it because the games were only the beginning. Finally, he hopes to never meet Lucas again, and that extended to the afterlife as well. Miracle Fassad then explodes and down below into the water, presumably disappearing for good.

as The Interpreter decides, now that its purpose (Fassad) is wiped from existence, that it should start out on its own, and tells Lucas and company not to bother following it. It then exits the area, and is never seen again until the credits.

In an unused cutscene, it's seen flying above the clouds, possibly after Fassad's defeat.