Instant Revitalization Devices

The machine's EarthBound and Mother 3 sprites.

Broken IRD

A broken Instant Revitalizing Device in Mother 3

The Instant Revitalizing Machine is, as its name implies, a machine which instantly and completely heals whoever is using it for free. It was invented by Dr. Andonuts and appears in both EarthBound and Mother 3.



The machine is first seen in Dr. Andonuts's laboratory in Winters during Jeff's reunion with him, and can be used anytime the party visits the laboratory. Later in the game, another can be found in Dungeon Man, which is another of Dr. Andonuts's creations.

Mother 3

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The machine has been modified slightly (it is taller, colored differently, and has the Pigmask symbol on the front) and adopted by the Pigmask Army. It is first seen in-game by Flint and Alec near Drago Plateau in Chapter 1, and is used extensively in facilities controlled by Porky Minch (such as Thunder Tower).

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  • The machine is briefly referenced in the Homestuck webcomic, where it merely produces revitalizing coffee.

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