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"He who laughs last laughs best"
— In-Battle check

Hyenas are enemies in EarthBound Beginnings that only appear early in the game at the City Zoo. Like many of the zoo's enemies, they no longer appear after Ninten defeats Starman Junior.


Hyenas always appears in groups, posing much more of a threat than they would be individually, though they can be beaten with basic equipment. Generally, Hyenas don't have powerful attacks, often only taking one HP away from a party member, and they can also 'try to play dead' in battle. If one Hyena chooses to run away, the rest will, and they tend to run away often. Its battle theme is Battle With a Flippant Foe.

Groups with[]

  • Hyena (x3)


  • Attack - The Hyena attacks, dealing low damage to one party member.
  • Ran away - The Hyena tries to escape the battle, taking the other enemies with it.
  • Just grins, and bears it - The Hyena wastes a turn.