Hospitals are buildings seen throughout EarthBound Beginnings and EarthBound. Hospitals are known for curing any status ailment from "poisoning" to "unconsiousness". Curing these ailments require a moderate amount of dollars to cure. The hospital has three very important people working in it.

  • Doctors -- They are in charge of curing Ness and his party members with status ailments that deal damage (ex. colds, sunstroke, poisoning etc.) The cost of curing a status ailment may vary. Doctors can diagnose their patients that have self-specific status ailments.
  • Nurses -- Their only job is to revive a fallen party member, the cost depends on what town you are in . Using Cup of Lifenoodles or even Healing γ can be an alternative for curing "incapacitation".
  • Healers -- These blue-haired men can cure any of the status ailments that the doctor can't. " Mushroomization", "diamondization", "Numbness", and "Possession" are examples that a healer can cure.
    • Soften -- Allows the user to be cured from diamonization. Cost: $90.
    • Restore Feeling -- Allows the use to be cured from numbness. Cost: $90.
    • Purify -- Rids the user from the Tiny L'il Ghost, aka possession. Cost: $70.
    • Sell Mushroom (on head) -- Rids the user from mushroomization. Sells for $50.

Another alternative from curing some of these status ailments are using the Hot Spring, PSI Healing, and medicine like the Refreshing Herb and Secret Herb. In Mother 3, any status ailments, HP and PP recovering (only possible by a Hotel) are all done by using the Hot Spring.



  • In Mother 2, there was a red cross on the hospital and its label on the map. During localization, it was removed by copyright.
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