Lucas and friends wading in the pond of Hippo Launchers.

The Hippo Launcher Level is a level in the Empire Porky Building in Mother 3. This is where several experiments and observations for the Hippo Launcher, one of the most powerful Chimeras in the game, are done.

When Lucas and his party reach this level, they must wade in the pond of Hippo Launchers. They will not attack Lucas, and must be examined to fight them. There are actually two different version of the Hippo Launcher; while they are essentially the same in appearance and attack method, the ones in the water possess different stats from those on land.

The Hippo Launcher Specialist guards a door leading to the elevator; when the party reaches her area, she sics a Hippo Launcher on them. Upon its defeat, however, she retreats, running back into the room for only a moment to call the party "stupid-heads"Porky then dares them via intercom to come to the "real" 100th floor.

The music that plays on this floor is appropriately titled "Hippos".

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