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"A special Chimera created for Porky's birthday. Production expenses were astronomical."
Battle Memory

The Hippo Launcher is an enemy in Mother 3. They appear exclusively in the Empire Porky Building. Their name is a play on the words "rocket launcher". The hippos are extremely passive by design, and can only be battled by pressing the A button near one. These enemies can be fought on water or on land, with the ones in water actually having twice as much HP.

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According to the Hippo Specialist, the prototype chimera was made in the Chimera Laboratory, where she experimented on it. They were moved to the Empire Porky Building's Hippo Launcher Level after everyone had abandoned the Nowhere Islands. They are apparently quite popular, causing the scientists to look into making them smaller and more useful as pets. In addition, the Battle Memory states that these were made for King P's birthday.

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The Hippo Launcher can charge at foes or launch missiles from its mouth. Its theme is Strong One.

PK Thunder and the party's own explosives are the best methods of fighting back, along with Duster's Hypno Pendulum and Siren Beetle. When defeated, they drop a Thud Charm 3% of the time.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 28 which falls under Code Numbers 520 for regular attack, 521 for Smaaaash! and 522 for Miss.


  • Pressing A on hippos will have them face you prior to starting a battle. Though very tricky, it is possible to sneak up on hippos and attack them from behind. This is done by finishing a battle, then while the player characters are blinking, placing yourself behind/slightly inside a hippo and pressing A in just the right spot.