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Happy Happyism is a form of religion in EarthBound. A cult in nature, Happy Happyism was established by Carpainter, and up until early in the game, possess their own village in Peaceful Rest Valley. The cult worships the color blue, as evidenced by their mission to paint "everything in the world blue" and their chanting of "Blue, blue, blue" several times a day and once before their bedtime. After Carpainter is defeated, he disbands the cult.


Most Happy Happyists are former residents of Twoson, the nearest town and only access point to Peaceful Rest Valley, where their village headquarters are located. Aspiring members appear to have scheduled meetings with Happy Happyist counselors in order to determine their allegiance to the "religion". High-ranked Happy Happyists are directly involved with the operations of the cult's founder, Carpainter, while the lower ranked members are responsible for painting everything, from buildings to animals (including a cow), the color blue, and spreading the word of Happy Happyism.


Insane cultist

Insane Cultist from the US version.

Happy Happyists who work directly for Carpainter dress entirely in blue garbs that loosely mirror the attire of the real-life Ku Klux Klan, a cultlike American white nationalist group. In battle, they are seen carrying containers of blue paint, as well as brushes. Average residents of Happy Happy Village do not dress accordingly, but are equally intent on painting everything blue.

In the original Japanese Mother 2, the Insane Cultists have the letters "HH" on their caps. In an interview with Wired Localizer, Marcus Lindblom stated that he altered their appearance to make them look less like Ku Klux Klan members. He removed the letters since he believed that due to low resolution fonts the HH could look like a KK. He also added fluffy little balls at the end of the caps to make them look as far from the Klan as possible.[1]

In popular culture[]

Four Happy Happyists initially appeared in Reddit's social experiment Place before being partially erased.


Happy Happyists in r/Place