Happy-Happy is Blue - Earthbound Music Extended

Happy-Happy is Blue - Earthbound Music Extended

Happy Happy Village (Japanese: ハッピーハッピーむら Happy Happy Village) is a town in EarthBound. It is home to the Happy Happyist cult, and most notably their leader, Mr. Carpainter. The village resides in a small portion of Peaceful Rest Valley.

Background information

When Ness first arrives in Happy Happy Village, most of its structures are painted blue, and it is under the possession of the cult leader Carpainter. The central point of the village is Happy Happist Cult headquarters, a tall blue mansion where Happy Happyists gather to pray and where Carpainter operates from. Before the Happy Happyist cult is disbanded, Pokey Minch is a member. This is also where the Evil Mani Mani statue is housed after it is shipped from Onett. Ness defeated Carpainter and restored the town to its normal state. He also rescued Paula, who was being held hostage by Carpainter because he wanted her to be a high priestess in his cult. It also harbors a cave leading to the second Your Sanctuary location, Lilliput Steps, as well as a mysteriously red house (even when the rest of the village is blue) whose inhabitant provides an early introduction to a very strange race of creatures.

The village cannot be reached via teleportation.



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