Tanetane Mushrooms
"Just a tiny bite of those mushrooms will cause terrible hallucinations. Powerful hallucinations that tear at your weaknesses and the scars in your heart. But I'll bring you back to your senses now. ♥"

The patch of Hallucination Mushrooms are a healing point in Mother 3, and are the reason that Eerie Smiles appear in Tanetane Island. When Lucas and friends are hit by Master Eddy's very powerful whirlpool, all of their items that are not equipped vanish (later to be picked up by Ocho) and they are reduced to 1 HP and 0 PP each, they eat the Hallucination Mushrooms to heal themselves, as the sign beside the patch advertises them as "Energizing Mushrooms". However, they turn out to be hallucinogenic psilocybin mushrooms, and cause vivid hallucinations. Boney does not eat the mushrooms and therefore does not see the hallucinations, although his health is refilled. The music changes to "Red-Green-Yellow-Yellow ♪". Mixolydia is seen as a real woman instead of a Magypsy, and Ocho as a butler instead of an octopus. According to Mixolydia, the mushrooms attack people's weaknesses and scars in their hearts. For example, Lucas sees members of Tazmily Village and family members that mock him and say that everyone hates him. Boney points out the truth behind these false hallucinations by barking at them. They also trick him by pretending to be Flint, Claus, and other family members and can do back attacks on Lucas. Certain objects will also appear differently. For example, Gift Boxes look like Trash Cans and a pile of sludge is seen as a Hot Spring that Boney refuses to enter. He will whine if you make him enter

  • Interestingly, despite Mixolydia describing the hallucinations as tearing at weaknesses and scars, no form of Hinawa is ever encountered during the hallucination, though this may be due to the fact that she dies in chapter 1.