Hall of Memories

The Hall of Memories

The Hall of Memories is a floor in the Empire Porky Building in Mother 3 where significant objects and vehicles from the game EarthBound are displayed. When Lucas and co. enter this hall, they must board a boat with a miniature replica of Ness's house on it.

The song A Certain Someone's Memoriesa remix of Pollyanna, only plays here. The music playing in the hallway between the Natural Killer Cyborg battle and the Hall of Memories is a remix of the title theme of the original EarthBound Beginnings, and the music in the room between the Hall and Master Porky's throne room is the "Nighttime Onett" theme from one of the earliest parts of EarthBound (though the theme itself is used several times in other parts of Mother 3).

None of the items in the Hall of Memories are usable; they are only for display.

In the following room is a rusted Iron Octopus/Iron Pencil and a present containing the Octopus Erasing Machine/Pencil Eraser, which can be used to erase the Iron Pencil.

Objects on Display

Items marked with an asterisk ("*") originally had customized sprites in Mother 3's art style, but in the end used direct imports of their sprites in EarthBound. These unused sprites still exist in the game's coding, though.

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