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"If he was a mask, someone might mistake your identity!"
— Description

Grouchos (Bonus Swoosh in Mother), are enemies in EarthBound Beginnings. They are found in Magicant.



Groucho's unique "attack"

They normally give a mere 3 EXP, however, they possesses a unique action in battle that instantly ends the battle and grants 50 EXP. However, the 50 experience is only given to one member of the party rather than split among all the members. Their battle theme is Battle With a Flippant Foe.


  • Attack - Groucho attacks a party member, dealing low damage.
  • Said "Hello", then just walked away - Groucho escapes from the battle, giving 50 EXP to only one party member.


The name of this enemy, as well as its appearance, is based on the comedian Groucho Marx. The say-hello-and-leave technique is also a reference to Animal Crackers, a Marx Brothers movie. In the movie, Groucho sings a song called in which he states, "Hello, I must be going."