"Digs a hole and waits for ants to fall in inside. Doesn't mind if humans happen to fall in instead."
Battle Memory

The Great Antlion is an enemy in Mother 3, appearing only in the Death Desert. In the overworld, it appears as a spinning whirlpool, but in-battle the real enemy can be seen.

There are two different types of this enemy; the regular version, that can be found in many places in the Death Desert and appears as a regular whirlpool, dropping Beef Jerky 10% of the time, and the unique version that can only be battled once, spinning a Save Frog around. When interacted with, the Save Frog says "So dizzyyyy! Help me, ribbiiit!" before the Great Antlion attacks, with a 100% chance of dropping a Flea Charm upon defeat. After its defeat, the Save Frog admits that the spinning and dizziness began to feel kind of nice after a while and can now save Salsa's game. There are no differences in stats between the two types.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 12 which falls under Code Numbers 472 for regular attack, 473 for Smaaaash! and 474 for Miss. Like most enemies in Death Desert, it has exclusively use of its battle sound.