"If you rub your eyes after touching this guy, your legs will turn to goo. Be sure to wash your hands."
Battle Memory

Gooey Goo is an enemy in Mother 3; it is an oozing goo monster with three eyes. A trio of them appear as a mini-boss for Salsa and Fassad at the western end of the Pork Bean's tunnel.


Although a nearby sign discourages the use of bombs inside the tunnel, it is almost necessary for Salsa or Fassad to use one in order to defeat them. A present with a Running Bomb inside is generously provided nearby.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 9 which falls under Code Numbers 463 for regular attack, 464 for Smaaaash! and 465 for Miss.


  • The Gooey Goo is one of many enemies in the game with an unused back sprite.
  • The Gooey Goo will attempt to "split" or multiply as a last defense.
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