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Giygas's Race is an important group in the Mother series, they are an alien species that has descended to Earth and interacted with humans more than once, they're also the supposed origin of the PSI power some of the main characters use. Despite the fact that they kickstart the events of the franchise, they're never actually seen aside from Giygas himself.


In Mother[]

Mother Ship

Giegue's spaceship in the original Mother

In the original Mother, Giygas's Race are said to have abducted a young couple decades before the game's start, a man named George and a woman named Maria, the reasons for this are never explained, what is said however is that at some point they, or at least Maria, took the then baby Giygas under their care and loved him as if he were her own son. George had started studying the aliens and their psychic abilities for years, until one day, out of nowhere, he took an escape pod and came back to Earth, leaving Maria and Giygas behind. George had stolen various ammounts of data from the aliens and had used them to create a type of psychic ability known as PSI and a robot named EVE, George anticipated that Giygas's race would be furious at him for stealing such vital information, and so, proceeded to leave information and clues to defeat the aliens in the future should they ever come to Earth, most of them were in his diary.

Decades later and George's great-grandson, Ninten, is 12 years old and has developed PSI powers. Giygas's people tasked him with going to Earth and destroy the humans to ensure that none of the information that George stole could be used to betray them, they lended him robots and other weapons to accomplish this. They also forced him to detach himself from Maria, who had died years prior, which was very difficult for him, and possibly inspired resentment towards them. Giygas would still offer Ninten to come with him by the end though, this may imply Giygas's people had an interest in him as well, just like with his great-grandparents years before.

Eventually, Ninten and his newfound friends managed to retrieve all the melodies that made up the lulaby Maria used to sing to Giygas when he was an infant and use it against him. This causes him to have a small breakdown and retreat, promising to come back.

In Mother 2[]

Full Devil Machine Full

The Devil's Machine in Mother 2

Giygas's race was never actually mentioned again in any medium of the Mother series after the original game, given that Giygas still returns as the main antagonist they're still present in the game somewhat, leaving only speculation to what may have happened to them between both games.

It's not known what happened to Giygas after he came back to his people empty handed, one may assume he was punished, and sent back to Earth to try to conquer it again, leading to the events of the game, however this doesn't explain Giygas transformation seen in the end of the game, following what Andonuts, Pockey, and Buzz Buzz imply, Giygas had already become "The Ultimate Evil" by the time he invaded Earth again, in the Past.

Given the fact his people never actually attempt to attack Earth again after Giygas's second failure or even appear at all, it is more than likely that Giygas's race were actually the first victims of Giygas himself, that would explain why they'd never returned even after Ness defeats Giygas in the past, since they would have already've been wiped out by that point, even in Mother 3, the destruction of the world Leder explains is attributed to humans themselves, not to aliens. Did they simply forget about Earth? Did Giygas went on his own, went insane, and then actively came back for them? Did Giygas's Race torture Giygas as punishment for his failure causing him to go mad? A disturbing way to look at it, Giygas doesn't seem to even know what he is doing for most of the game, so it's possible he may have unknowingly killed his own people in either confusion, or revenge.