Gift Boxes Redone

The sprites from left to right, as they appear in their respective games: in EarthBound Beginnings, in EarthBound (with the ones only appearing in the Lost Underworld underneath), and in Mother 3 (with the partially submerged gift boxes only found in the Hippo Launcher Level and the gift boxes containing maps underneath).

Gift Boxes (also known as Presents) are objects lying in various location throughout all three games in the Mother series. When checked, they usually contain an item of some sort. However, if the gift box contains an item when the entire party's inventories are full, the item is placed back in the box and is resealed. In EarthBound, there is a gift box in Dungeon Man that has money inside instead of an inventory item. Also, there are some instances where an enemy's sprite is a gift box, such as the Scalding Coffee Cup and the Mystical Record, giving the player the impression that it is actually a gift box. However, when confronted, it will charge at the player and engage in battle. Here are more cases of gift boxes not giving inventory items in Mother 3; notable examples of this include the solitary Surprise Box enemy in Thunder Tower, the gift box containing fireworks near Club Titiboo, the Magic Butterfly that comes out a gift box near where Lucas first gains PSI abilites, and the Hot Spring in a box underneath the Empire Porky Building. Gift boxes containing maps are alternately colored, as they contain a key item.

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