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"When the empty-handed armour gets a hold of its sword and shield... terrible things will happen."
Battle Memory
"A hardheaded ghost disliked by all the other ghosts in the castle. Keep your health up and lower his offense and defense frequently! Your Thief Tools (except for the Smoke Bomb) will come in quite handy. Drops Yogurt (70%)."
— Mother 3 Guidebook

The Ghost Knight is an optional, unique enemy found in Mother 3. The armour is found in Osohe Castle, locked inside a ghost-guarded room. The armor, sword and shield are all on separate pedestals in the room.

Duster can attack the Ghost Shield (enhanced defenses) and Ghost Sword (enhanced offense) separately. However, approaching the Ghost Armor will cause the two weapons (if still present) to fly into the hands of the armour, forming the Ghost Knight.

After a party member reaches level 22, the Ghost Knight cannot be fought again; the Armor, Sword and Shield will attempt to run away if the party re-enters the room and walks near them.


The Ghost Knight can use PK in order to raise its offense and defense, making its sword attacks deadly. Though it may waste turns trying to look cool, it is still a dangerous foe. Its battle song is Astonishing March.

The Hypno Pendulum and Siren Beetle Thief Tools are the best items for this battle, and bringing a Thunder Bomb or two beforehand is especially useful. The knight frequently drops yogurt upon its defeat.

It's battle sound is Battle Sound 43 which falls under Code Numbers 888 for regular attack, 889 for Smaaaash! and 890 for Miss.