The Gently Weeping Guitar is an enemy in Mother 3 in Club Titiboo's attic. One appears in a boss battle with the Jealous Bass and a Beaten Drum.


The Gently Weeping Guitar is moderately dangerous due to its electric attack which can cause up to 35 damage to all allies. If its ally, the Beaten Drum, is defeated first, the Guitar can use a sobbing attack (very rarely) which causes 50 HP damage to each party member. In the battle with the Jealous Bass, this enemy can be dangerous because of the Jealous Bass' jam session attack will allow this enemy to attack again in addition to its normal turn, causing about 135 damage in total.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 26 which falls under Code Numbers 514 for regular attack, 515 for Smaaaash! and 516 for Miss. It makes more sense for him to use this battle sound than it does for Crag Lizard and Cactus Wolf since the battle sound sounds like a guitar.


  • The Gently Weeping Guitar is based on a Gibson Flying V.
  • The name of the monster comes from a famous Beatles song called "While My Guitar Gently Weeps".
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