"Look at my skinny arms, thin body, and gray hair... I've become so weak since I lost the Mani Mani Statue. I'm sorry I kidnapped Paula. I haven't done anything to her. ...Paula is a nice girl."
— Geldegarde Monotoli

Geldegarde Monotoli is a character in EarthBound. He is the mayor of the city of Fourside, who has garnered so much power in the region that the police force take oaths to protecting him first above any other occupant of Fourside.

Monotoli worked for Enrich Flavor, the former mayor of Fourside. After coming into possession of the Mani Mani Statue by stealing it from Everdred, he falls under Giygas' influence. He takes over Fourside, replacing his former employer as mayor and rechristening his building the Monotoli Building. Pokey Minch and his father end up working as business consultants for Monotoli, taking up residence in the building. Scared of the power of the Mani Mani, he hides it in a backroom of Jackie's Cafe.

The Department Store Spook kidnaps Paula in the Fourside Department Store and delivers her to Monotoli. After Ness and Jeff overcome the illusion of Moonside created by the Mani Mani and destroy it, Giygas' influence over Monotoli ends, but the lack of the statue's power weakens Monotoli considerably. When confronted, he returns Paula and even offers to let the group use his helicopter to journey to Summers, having learned while under Giygas' influence that Giygas did not want the group going there. Before they can leave aboard the helicopter, Pokey steals it.

In the end, he gives the building back to the former mayor of Fourside, Enrich Flavor, and works as the elevator man inside the building. The Fourside Post also mentions in a headline that over 50% of the city supports the Anti-Monotoli Campaign.

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