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Mother 3 Game Over

The Game Over screen in Mother 3

A Game Over (全滅) occurs when a battle is lost in the Earthbound Series.


In battle, when all the party members become unconscious or are turned to stone/are Diamondized, the player receives a game over. When a game over occurs, the player is asked if they want to continue the game. If they continue playing the game, any current party members will be teleported to the last location where the game was saved. The amount of money the player has on hand will be halved. Money in the ATM or with Save Frogs will be unaffected. If the player doesn't continue the game, the player will be returned to the title screen.

In EarthBound Beginnings and EarthBound, Ninten and Ness and Jeff Andonuts, respectively will be seen standing in a dark area with a single light shined on them. They are then asked by an unknown voice if they want to continue.

In Mother 3, the leader of the party (Flint, Duster, Salsa or Lucas, depending on the chapter) will be seen in a defeated position. The player is simply asked if they would want to continue. If the player selects yes, the party leader stands up. All HP and PP are restored, as well as all of the party members who have been knocked out. They are other ways of getting a game over, by either getting crushed by the heavy metal ball that the "Heavy Metal" statue was holding or being devoured by the Ultimate Chimera in Chapter 7, in the Chimera Lab and Chapter 8, in the Bathroom Dungeon where he is guarding the Awesome Ring.


Also, as the game progresses as shown below, the restart point by continue will be reset.

EarthBound Beginnings[]

  • 1.Lost in the First Battle (Lamp): The restart point becomes the Ninten's Room of My Home
  • 2.Reached Magicant: The restart point becomes the entrance of Magicant
  • 3.Magicant disappeared after letting Queen Mary play the song: The restart point becomes the Where I remembered the last melody


  • 1.Leader switched to Jeff Andonuts: The restart point becomes the entrance of Drug Store of Winters
  • 2.Reached Magicant: The restart point becomes the entrance of Magicant
  • 3.Reached The Cave of the Past: The restart point becomes the entrance of The Cave of the Past




Game End[]

Mother 3[]