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"A robot programmed to terrorize Mr. Saturns with frightening words. Humans aren't scared, though."
Battle Memory

The Frightbot is an enemy in Mother 3. It is found in Saturn Valley, where several terrorize the Mr. Saturns. Six of them appear in Saturn Valley's houses. Frightbots have the appearance of small grey projectors with speakers and are oddly known for telling various weird-sounding stories to Lucas and his party. Similar to Big Bro (on his own), they cannot essentially attack or even hurt any members of Lucas's party. They have relatively low HP, offense and defense, and are vulnerable to explosives and PK Thunder. Their battle music is "Zombeat".

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 31 which falls under Code Numbers 852 for regular attack, 853 for Smaaaash! and 854 for Miss. However, hacking is required to hear its battle sound as it is immune to Kumatora's Brainshock and it spends all its turns telling stories.

During battle, they can tell the following stories:

  • Pants-wettingly scary story.
  • Bloodcurdling story.
  • A story so scary you want to cover your ears.
  • A story so scary you'll never go to the bathroom at night again.
  • A bone-chillingly scary story.
  • A story so incredibly scary that your teeth won't stop chattering.
  • A spine-tingling story
  • A story so scary you couldn't help but laugh.
  • A scary story with some deep, touching moments mixed in.
  • Accidentally tell a cute, funny story.