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The Frankystein Mark II, known as Frankystein 2 in Japan, is a boss encountered in EarthBound. It is a robot invented by Frank Fly, the leader of the Sharks, for unknown purposes. It resembles a tank with a robotic-looking torso, arms, and head.


Artwork from Mother 2 Himitsu no Takarabako.

After Ness beats Frank, Frank brings out what he calls his "trump card": the Frankystein Mark II, which then attacks. However, Ness defeats the robot, prompting Frank to give in and reform himself.

His in-battle theme is shared with Captain Strong, the Boogey Tent, and the Department Store Spook. It is one of the few mechanical enemies that does not use Battle Against A Machine as its battle theme. Its name is a reference to Frankenstein's monster.

Frankystein Mark II will attack roughly every other turn; it relies on punches that deal low damage, and will occasionally tear into Ness for significant damage. Its purpose is to teach the player about the Defend command.


Text Displayed Power PP Possible effects
Generate a burst of steam N/A N/A Does nothing
Threw a punch Low N/A Damages one target
Tore into you High N/A Damages one target