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For the city in EarthBound, see Fourside.
Four Side

The Fourside stage in Super Smash Bros. Melee

Fourside is a stage appearing in Super Smash Bros. Melee. It originally appeared in EarthBound, the second title of the Mother series. The stage consists of three buildings. The building on the far left is slanted, so items tend to roll off. The Monotoli Bulding , in the middle, is split into three parts: the top, two small ledges on either side in the middle, and a semi-long edge on the right. The building on the far right is the shortest one with a flat surface. On the far left building, there is a crane with a platform attached to it. It will move to the left a little and over the center of the building. Once in a while a UFO will appear over the left or right building. Characters can fight on top of the UFO, though it has a slippery terrain, giving the Ice Climbers a distinct advantage on it due to their constant traction. The pits between the far left building, the middle building, between the far right building, and middle building are narrow, providing wall jumpers a decent advantage.

The stage is set at nighttime, as well as the moon being visible in the background, which is a reference to Moonside.

Background information[]

Unlocking Fourside[]

To unlock Fourside, the player must play 100 melee battles in VS. mode.

Classic and All-Star Mode[]

In Melee's Classic Mode, Ness is fought on this stage. Likewise, the game's All-Star Mode pits the player against Pichu and its teammates here, most likely a reference Pokemon: The Movie 2000 scene in which Pikachu and the two Pichus are playing in the city.


Instead of retaining the original Fourside theme from EarthBound, the music in the stage features a sped up, techno version of "Because I Love You", Fourside's theme in EarthBound that also has parts of Moonside's theme and the Eight Melodies.


  • The helicopter that Pokey steals flies to and from the Monotoli helipad, which is in a different location than it is in EarthBound. The helicopter also has a different design from the original one. It coming back to the helipad also contrasts EarthBound, since Pokey didn't come back after stealing the helicopter.
    • In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate however, the helicopter's design is much closer to how it originally looked in EarthBound.
  • The UFO that appears in the opening cinematic appears randomly and makes the exact same noise it made during the opening scene. It is used as a platform but is so slippery that even the Ice Climbers do not get good traction on it. Unlike the UFOs that attacked in the opening, the UFOs in the stage attack nothing.
  • The crane on the left building is similar in appearance to the backhoe from the Dusty Dunes Desert level.
  • The Monotoli Building is shaped differently than the original building, and the city is shown to be larger than it appeared in EarthBound. along with the absence of a park, and all of the buildings being much closer together.
  • Ironically, this stage has a huge disadvantage for Ness since he needs space for his PK Thunder to go around and strike him to make a recovery.