For the Mother 3 enemy, see Negative Man.
"I am a forgotten man. I'm not really here. You didn't have to notice me.... Please ignore me. I am a man who does not exist. You talk so kindly, I don't know what to do. If I miss people, I cannot live alone anymore. My conversation is always a monologue. I've been alone from the moment I was born... Lucky, unlucky... It makes no difference to me. Sometimes, even breathing becomes too much. Why do you insist on talking to me? Are you a forgotten man, too?"
— Forgotten Man

The Forgotten Man is a character from EarthBound Beginnings at the end of the Crystal Cavern. As his name implies, he is a man that is highly implied to be depressed, much like the Mother 3 enemy Negative Man. He says he is forgotten by all, and is a loner, preferring to not interact with anyone. Because of his loneliness, he speaks a monologue that forces Ninten to talk to him several times to hear the entire speech.

After Ninten listens to his words, the Forgotten Man asks if Ninten is a forgotten man, too. If Ninten answers "No", he'll ignore Ninten and ask once again. If Ninten replies "Yes" to his second question, the Forgotten Man will move out of the way. If Ninten should lie about being a forgotten man too, the man will see through Ninten's lie, as he seems to know that a girl is waiting for him, and the man will demand that Ninten leave him alone and go run to her. If this scenario occurs, Ninten is forced to hear the Forgotten Man speak again to get him out of the way and exit Magicant. However, in the Family Computer version, answering the Forgotten Man's questions incorrectly will cause Ninten to warp to the beginning of the Magicant Underground.

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