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"The last in a distinguished line of starmen is also the strongest. Use Multi Bottle Rockets to blow it back into space. You can also put him under using Hypnosis."
EarthBound Player's Guide

The Final Starman is an enemy in EarthBound. They are the strongest type of Starmen of Giygas's army next to the Starman Deluxes and can only be encountered in the Cave of the Past. Their in-game sprite depicts them golden with pinkish tint.


Groups with[]


  • Brainshock Ω - The Final Starman tries Brainshock Ω, causing the whole party to feel strange.
  • PSI Healing Ω - The Final Starman tries PK Healing Ω, healing itself or another enemy.
  • PK Starstorm α/Ω - The Final Starman tries PK Starstorm α and Ω, dealing massive damage to all party members.
  • Shield β - The Final Starman tries Shield β, reflecting 50% of the damage it takes.
  • Flashed a menacing smile - The Final Starman smiles menacingly, wasting one turn.


  • The Final Starman's initial status is PSI Shield β, rendering PSI moves useless against it until the shield is dispersed.


  • Final Starmen serve as the successors of the Last Starmen in EarthBound Beginnings, as both are gold-colored Starmen, are the strongest of their kind, and appear in the game's final area.
  • The Final Starman appears on the boxart of EarthBound. The boxart represents a battle between Ness and the Final Starman, depicting a surreal swirl of color behind it and Ness's reflection in the Final Starman's visor. However, the scene depicted is not possible during the regular course of the game, as the souls of Ness and co. are actually in robotic bodies while they are in the Cave of the Past, assuming that the reflection is not actually depicting the Devil's Machine because no Starmen are actually seen alongside Giygas in the game.
    • This could also mean that this art was made before the plot was finalized, or was made by an airhandler.