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"The Evil Eye uses Brainshock on its enemies. Use PSI Shield to protect your party and attack with any PSI or regular attack."
EarthBound Player's Guide

The Evil Eye is an enemy in EarthBound. It appears in Onett after Ness's Nightmare is defeated. It appears to be a single pink eye attached to two pink legs.


Groups with[]


  • Brainshock Ω - The Evil Eye tries Brainshock Ω, causing the party members to feel strange.
  • Paralysis Ω - The Evil Eye tries Paralysis Ω, causing the party members to become numb.
  • Glared with its eerie eyes - The Evil Eye glares a party member, diamondizing them.



  • It is the last regular enemy in the game that isn't a palette swapped enemy.
  • Even if this enemy has only one visible eye, the text in battle says that it "glared with its eerie eyes," on plural, indicating that it might have another eye.
    • However, this could also be due to this text being used to diamondizing attacks in general, not considering the enemy's appearance.