Ellay (バレンタイン, Valentine in Mother) is a town in EarthBound Beginnings. It is the hometown of Teddy, former leader of the Bla-Bla Gang, and is also


described by one character as a bad place to live. It lies in the northeast corner of the World of Mother. There is a nightclub in the south of town where the party will perform a song during karaoke, prompting a scene in which Teddy joins the party, replacing Lloyd.

In the night club, a woman may ask Ninten if he would like beer. If he accepts, a police officer appears and confiscates Ninten's equipped weapon. You'll have to buy it back from the police officer at normal buying price.

Ellay is typically the final city or town visited in EarthBound Beginnings as it lies at the base of Mt. Itoi, the final area of the game. 


  • The name Ellay may be a transcription of the way one pronounces L. A., the abbreviation of Los Angeles. The presence of a gang problem and corrupt police officers makes Ellay similar to the real world city.
  • Ellay may be Fourside's EarthBound Beginnings counterpart considering that both are big city settings. However, Ellay has more crime and doesn't have a governing body, unlike Fourside.
  • Ellay is also similar to the EarthBound town of Onett, in that its streets are occupied by gang members who will initiate a battle if approached.
  • Ellay is one of the locations in the Mother series that includes a police station, Onett in EarthBound having the second. Mother 3's Tazmily Village does include a jail, but no policemen.