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"The Electro Spector is composed of elements never before seen on Earth. Scientists speculate that the Electro Spector is a lethal combination of energy and molten metal, but no one has ever survived a close examination."
EarthBound Player's Guide

Electro Specter is the guardian of the seventh EarthBound "Your Sanctuary" location, Lumine Hall. The guidebook states that it is made of unknown materials not of this earth. Whatever these materials may be, it comes equipped with a PSI Shield β right at the start of battle. It boasts PK Thunder, Neutralizer and Hungry HP-sucker. Taking him out grants access to Lumine Hall, the seventh piece of the melody, and the Lost Underworld.

Unlike most Sanctuary Guardians, Electro Specter does not use the normal Sanctuary Guardian theme. Instead, it shares its theme with the Kraken and Thunder and Storm.


Electro Specter's attacks are strange, because most of them are actually items used by Jeff. He starts with PSI Shield β, but has no method of replenishing it

Text Displayed Power PP Required Possible Effects
Used an electric shock attack 60 - 180 damage (2 Targets) 7 PK Thunder β
Used the Neutralizer N/A N/A Removes all shields (Including its own)
Used the Hungry HP-Sucker 1/8th Max HP, + or - 50 HP N/A Hits entire party
Used the Shield Killer N/A N/A Removes shield from one target


  • Shields are pretty terrible in this fight. The Specter has 2 attacks that do nothing but remove them, and its Electric Shock Attack hits through PSI Shields.
  • If you don't have a Neutralizer or Shield Killer, and don't want to waste time with Thunder's spotty accuracy, it might be worth it to just Bash with Paula and Poo until it uses the Neutralizer, removing its own shield.
  • Once its shield is down, spamming PSI Freeze is a decent strategy.
  • A Multi Bottle Rocket won't kill it immediately, but one can do up to 3,000 HP. Electro Specter has 3,092 HP. A couple of bashes after that will most likely kill it.
  • According to Nintendo Power, the Electro Specter is said to be comprised of the leftover remnants of Gigyas's Army's arsenal thrown together as a makeshift superweapon.