Eagleland M2manual

Eagleland, as it appears in the Mother 2 instruction booklet.

Eagleland (イーグルランド Īgururando, also spelled EagleLand) is a country in EarthBound. Unlike FoggyLand and Chommo, Eagleland is actually mentioned by name in the game itself, rather than simply mentioned in its instruction booklet. It is the largest country in the game, and is home to several towns, including Onett, Twoson, Happy Happy Village, Threed, Saturn Valley, and the city Fourside. Other regions include Peaceful Rest Valley, Grapefruit Falls and Dusty Dunes Desert. Due to the name and other elements, it seems Eagleland may be based on the modern United States. Eagleland is the site of over half of the game's events and is the home country of the first two protagonists, Ness and Paula.


  • Eagleland's major towns are named for the order that you reach them. First is Onett, second is Twoson, third is Threed, and fourth is Fourside.
    • The sum of these town names is ten, as alluded to by Summers and Tenda Village.
  • The world has one country (Eagleland) & two regions (FoggyLand & Chommo)
  • Eagleland has the most towns in the game.
  • In Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U, Eagleland is mentioned three times: In the description of the trophies for both Ness and Porky and on the side of the rocket that is featured as part of Jeff's trophy.