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Dusty Dunes Desert is an area in EarthBound. It is located between Threed and Fourside.

Ness and his friends first arrive in a bus, which is stuck behind traffic. There is a Drugstore and a cavern full of monkeys to the west, and east is a shack where two miners live. The mine can be explored a while after.  When straying from the road, Ness and co. may get sunstroke, which can be healed with PSI Healing or a Wet Towel. A sidequest can also be attempted here, where the player can talk to a black sesame seed up north and try to find a white sesame seed. By the road are the Slot Machine Brothers.  A sign describing a lost pair of contacts can also be found.  Nearby it are the Contact Lens, which appear as a sparkle in the sand.  They can be returned to the man on the second floor of the Fourside Bakery for a Pair of Dirty Socks, which solidifies an enemy with nausea in battle.


Drugstore counter Drugstore assistant Black market Desert food stand


Ness and friends in the Desert

Ness, Paula, and Jeff walk through the desert.



  • The music played on this area is a remix of the music played in Yucca Desert in EarthBound Beginnings.
  • Despite the localizers trying to remove any references to drugs in the English version, they failed to cover up a large billboard in the desert with the words "DRUGS."
  • There is a small black sesame seed on the west/left side of the desert. If you talk to it, the Photo Man will take a photo of you, so you can remember this very special time when you talked to a sesame seed in the middle of the desert.
    • This black sesame seed will ask you to seek out a white sesame seed whom he loves on the other end of the desert and wishes to apologize for hurting. You can seek out the white seed to get a few lines of dialogue in which she reveals she still loves the black seed and returning to the black seed with this knowledge will cause him to weep. Aside from a nice moment, there is no practical reward for this.
  • The player characters will not suffer any sunstroke until the Mole Playing Rough is fought at least once. This is due to how overworld status effects are handled in and out of battles. It is fully explained in this video.
    • Because of this, players can "stutter step" around this enemy - carefully inching past it as to never have to suffer any sunstroke during any exploration of the desert.