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"From this day forth, you'll be rewarded for your hard work. It'll be given in units called DP (Dragon Power). You can use DP in shops and other places in exchange for goods and services. It seems you've already earned 30 DP so far. You can save and withdraw DP anytime by talking to nearby frogs. Some frogs in special locations can't conduct DP transactions, though. Shall I explain all that again?"
Save Frog

Dragon Power (abbreviated DP) is the currency used in Mother 3.


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The concept of money was foreign to the people of Tazmily Village and the Nowhere Islands; in Chapters 2 and 3, Fassad uses a bag full of money (50,000 DP to be exact) and buys Butch's pigs from him, telling him to hide it somewhere safe. The money is later thrown down a well by Butch, who entrusts the knowledge of this secret only to Duster, as he happened to be present at the time. Fassad steals it back later that night, and the next morning Butch frames Duster for said robbery, causing a scene in the middle of town.


Introduced as a mechanic in the fourth chapter, Lucas and friends can earn DP from battles and as gifts, and manage their DP using Save Frogs, which appear throughout the Nowhere Islands. Each enemy grants a set amount of DP when defeated, which will be added to the balance stored with the Save Frogs. The system and currency is an analogue to the ATM and Dollars ($) in EarthBound Beginnings and EarthBound.

It is not properly explained to how the name came to be, or what it looks like; the best guess is that it may refer to the Dark Dragon that Porky Minch is trying to wake.

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