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"You must defeat me to earn my musical note.'"
— Dragon

The Dragon is a boss in EarthBound Beginnings. He rests within the Crystal Cavern in Magicant, a fictional country made up of Queen Mary's mind. When first encountered, the Dragon simply displays a silent "..." message, if spoken to. However, when Ninten is at least at level 25 and in possession of four of the melodies, the Dragon will awaken if Ninten uses Check on him and will fight. Once the battle is over, he lets out his tune, the sixth melody, without hesitation. This is also the first melody that must be recorded in Magicant.


Since this boss hits really hard, and has high defense. It is seemingly one of the hardest bosses in the game. However with a little intended trick, you can make this boss fight REALLY easy, and save hours of painful grinding


Once you get to Merrysville go Into Lloyd's school called Twinkle Elementary, you recruit Lloyd by giving him a bottle rocket from Sweet's Little Factory. Give it to Lloyd, then he'll take you to the science lab where you pretty much wreck the place.leave and re-enter the science lab to find Woman in the science lab that sells you various goods, what you want to buy is the Super Bomb a powerful battle item that explodes on the enemy.


Once you have 4 melodies or you're at least level 25, you can fight the dragon. Once you're in battle, get Ninten and Ana (if you recruited her) to guard, and get Lloyd to use the super bomb, which will completely K.O the boss, and score you a victory.

Alternately, PK Freeze γ from Anna (learned at level 22) will reduce the Dragon's HP to single digits and allow a follow up blow to defeat it easily.


  • The Dragon is the last boss in the game that can be defeated through use of normal standards, seeing that Teddy and R7038 cannot be defeated, and R7038XX and Giygas are not defeated by use of normal standards.
  • The Dragon, Lamp, Doll, B.B. Gang Member, Starman Jr., PseudoZombi, and Giygas are the only enemies in the game with overworld sprites.
  • The Dragon is reminiscent of the Green Dragon (just called "Dragon" in the japanese version) from Dragon Quest in the sense that both appear in caves that the player must traverse to continue the adventure, but are likely severely underleveled for the fight the first time they do so. In both cases, the player won't meet the condition to fight the beast at first - in Earthbound Beginnings' case however, The Dragon will also not fight the party until a certain level is reached, making this match it less likely for the player's party to be obliterated, contrary to its kin series.