Doria is a character in Mother 3. A Magypsy, Doria lives near the Chimera Lab, where Lucas meets up with Kumatora again. He resembles a big biker with a braided ponytail, yet he still speaks the same way the other Magypsies talk. His needle is underwater, in a pond in front of his house. The only way to getting to it is by taking either Mr. Pump, the Dryguy Chimera, or the Bucket Brothers from the Chimera Lab and making them pour the water from the pond to the empty ditch next to it.

Doria's personality is shown to be very kind, like Ionia, he is one of the only Magypsies who care for humans, talking with Alec about Claus's safety, especially Lucas's family and Kumatora. Kumatora tells Lucas that a "pretty woman dressed in red" came into Doria's dream and foretold that Lucas and Duster were alright. The pretty woman dressed in red is likely Hinawa, who previously helped Lucas at the beginning of Chapter 7 when Alec and Wess made a haystack where Lucas and Boney were going to land.

If Lucas and friends do not have enough space in their inventory for Doria's Memento, he will say "Oh well, that's too bad then!". It can be picked up from within his home at a later time, however.