"Carbon Dog becomes Diamond Dog after taking damage of several hundred HP. Now it's your turn to suffer. DD is hard. Use Multi-Bottle Rockets right away before it puts up its counter shield. Also use shield killer."
EarthBound Player's Guide

The Diamond Dog (ダイヤモンドドッグ, Diamond Dog) is a boss in EarthBound, the second and final form of the Carbon Dog, and the final "Your Sanctuary" boss. This form of the Carbon Dog is stronger; however, its ability to breathe fire is now replaced with the ability to use powerful Diamondizing bites, which as the name of the attack implies, has a strong chance of diamondizing party members. When this form is first activated, the boss gains Shield.

The Diamond Dog is able to use PSI Flash along with standard biting attacks. It may also howl, which has no effect. Upon defeating the Diamond Dog, Ness gains entrance to the final Your Sanctuary location, Fire Spring.


  • Diamond Dog's name appears to be a reference to the 1974 David Bowie album Diamond Dogs and/or its title track.
  • The Diamond Dog has the biggest experience points reward in the entire game - a whooping 337k points.
  • The transformation from Carbon Dog to Diamond Dog refers to the process of carbon becoming diamond through exposure to extreme heat and pressure.
    • The allusion to this transformation could serve as an additional reference to the 1981 Queen song "Under Pressure", a duet with David Bowie (who had also co-written the song).
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