Salsa and Samba at the desert.

The Death Desert is a location in Mother 3. It is a large desert crawling with Dung Beetles and other fauna, including the Cactus Wolf. Fassad and Salsa travel through here on the way to Tazmily Village. This location is known for its oasis that completely heals HP and other status ailments. A notable character here is Wan Sum Dung, a Dung Beetle NPC who will trade any dung Salsa finds for EXP. There are areas that include a chamber filled with dung, and a Save Frog in dire need of a rescue from a Great Antlion. The Death Desert only appears in Chapter 3.

Most enemies in this area have exclusive use of their respective battle sounds. The only exception is Cactus Wolf who shares his battle sound with Crag Lizard and Gently Weeping Guitar.