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Dali's Clock is an enemy in EarthBound. This enemy looks like a golden analog clock that is slowly melting away. They are first encountered by Ness and Jeff throughout the city of Moonside. It can later be found rarely inside Dungeon Man. Its in-game sprite is a minimized version of itself.

This enemy has the unique ability to "freeze target in time", dealing moderate to high repeated damage to any of your party. When this enemy is totally scrapped, it drops 2503 EXP, $314, and a PSI Caramel 1/128 of the time. This enemy can either fight alone or with another Dali's Clock.


  • The Dali's Clock is based on the clocks in the painting "The Persistence of Memory", made by the noted Spanish oil painting artist Salvador Dalí (1904-1989) in 1931. This, ironically, is also one of the main reasons why Earthbound could not be re-released worldwide until 2013. Due to changes in the copyright ownership of Dalí's painting, Nintendo kept Earthbound from having a re-release to avoid copyright infringement.