Dalaam (ランマ, Ramma) is a village in EarthBound. The town's geography, buildings, residents and delicacies resemble those of the Middle East, South Asia, Central Asia, and East Asia. It is home to the Crown Prince Poo and Poo's Master. Poo begins his adventure in Dalaam after Ness eats the Magic Cake. It is here that Poo undergoes his Mu Training by meditation. After maintaining his focus, Poo teleports to Summers and becomes a member of Ness's party. Dalaam appears to be floating in midair, as an extension of the sixth "Your Sanctuary" area, the Pink Cloud. After Giygas is defeated, if Ness visits Poo, he will say,

"You're here! We have little, but stay and rest for a while. But I'm impressed! You did so well for one who hasn't had much training."

Map of Dalaam

Early Concepts

Concept art of Dalaam released in the Mother 1+2 Art Book shows some of the original ideas for Dalaam, such as the area supported by an elephant statue or perched on the top of a mountain.


Poo after the game ends.

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