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"These tiny extraterrestrial visitors buzz annoyingly about firing beams that will give you a nasty cold."
EarthBound Player's Guide

The Cute Li'l UFO is an enemy in EarthBound. It appears in the Dusty Dunes Desert and rarely, in Dungeon Man. It is not much of a threat, but it can drop many useful recovery items, such as Pizza, Cookies, Hamburgers, Boiled Eggs, Fresh Eggs or Picnic Lunches. It can be fought along Skelpions, Crested Bookas and Smilin' Spheres. Its battle theme is Battle Against a Weird Opponent.


The Cute Li'l UFO looks like a stereotypical ufo, but notably shrunken down with a red ribbon on its head and two small eyes.


  • Fire a beam - The Cute Li'l UFO fires a beam, dealing mid-level damage to one party member.
  • Lifeup alpha - The Cute Li'l UFO tries Lifeup alpha, recovering about 100 HP.

The Cute Li'l UFO is resistant to PK Fire and PK Freeze and is susceptible to Paralysis.


  • Realistically, there is no way the Cute Li'l UFO can have the ribbon tied to its head, as it has no hands or whatsoever to tie it and the ribbon has nothing to hold of to be tied.
  • The same thing happens with the Beautiful UFO.