A Cup of Lifenoodles is a status-curing item that appears in both Earthbound and Mother 3. It can rarely be found in gift boxes and is dropped by certain enemies. It removes any and all status ailments, including incapacity. It is good to stock up on these when in a very difficult area, as they can recover fallen party members to full HP.

Cup of Lifenoodles
Appears in EarthBound
Mother 3
Type Food
Cost $178
Sells for $89
Heals Most status ailments
Found Peaceful Rest Valley, Monkey Cave, Stonehenge, Pyramid, Deep Darkness, Lumine Hall
Description Revives a friend who is unconscious. In addition, it also works well on poison, nausea, colds, sunstroke, falling asleep, uncontrollable crying, and feeling strange. This is effective when you have paralysis, or you have been diamondized.
Mother 3
Cost 1780 DP
Sells for 890 DP
Dropped from Mecha-Lion (10%), Minerali (10%)
Found Tanetane Island, Argilla Pass, Chupichupyoi Temple, New Pork City
Description Removes all negative status effects and fully heals incapacitation.

In Earthbound

Cup of Lifenoodles are rarely found in the overworld of Earthbound, appearing in several gift boxes throughout Ness's journey. This item can't be bought anywhere.

In Mother 3

This revival item also appears in Mother 3, where it is sold for 1780 DP. It has the same purpose as that in Earthbound

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