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"Watch your items! This guy is a thief..."
— In-battle check

Crows are a type of enemy encountered in EarthBound Beginnings that can steal items from the party. It may also occasionally giggle crazily. They are encountered in Podunk.


Its battle theme is Battle With a Flippant Foe.

Groups with[]

  • Crow (x2)


  • Attack - The Crow attacks a party member, dealing low damage.
  • Started laughing - The Crow laughs, wasting a turn.
  • Took away <party member>'s <item> - The Crow steals an item from a party member.


Crow guidebook

Artwork from the guidebook of Ninten fighting a Crow.

  • In the original Famicom release, it held a cigarette in its wing, and was indigo in color.
    • In all later versions, the cigarette was removed for censorship reasons and the crow is dark blue rather than indigo. A similarity is within the crow's red shoes which it wears upon its feet- those were not changed. The beak and eyes remain the same as well.