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"Before you head out of town, you'll have ashowdown with five of Onett's finest. Before you set foot in the police station, be sure to stock on supplies"
EarthBound Player's Guide

The Cops, also known as Policemen in Japan, are the police force of the cities of Eagleland in EarthBound.

The Onett police force is infamous for a large amount of road closures and is also severely incompetent, preferring to close roads rather than deal with actual problems, such as the Sharks. The Fourside police force appears to be corrupt.

Main History[]

After finding the first "Your Sanctuary" location, Ness is stopped by a policeman, telling him to go to Onett Police Station. There, he must battle five police officers, all in a row, before he can move on to Twoson. The last of these officers is Captain Strong.

Later, they can be found as normal enemies in Twoson, Fourside and Summers.



  • Is attacking - The Cop attacks, dealing low damage to a party member.
  • Attacked with a crushing chop - The Cop attacks a party member, dealing high damage.


  • In the EarthBound Player's Guide, they are called Crooked Cops, but in the game itself, they are simply called Cops; this misconception likely stems from the greeter of Burglin Park dubbing them "crooked cops". Coincidentally, "Crooked Cop" is also the name of an unused enemy that is simply a clone of Captain Strong.
  • In Mother 2, the cop who says "Your average policeman is stronger than any super hero!" originally said "Policemen are even stronger than Superman, you know!" This was changed to avoid any usage of copyrighted characters.