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"Watch out for Snakes in the grass as you're enjoying the sights. They can sneak up quickly to strike, so make sure that you meet them head on."
EarthBound Player's Guide

The Coil Snake (まきへび, Coil Snake) is an enemy in EarthBound. They appear mostly in northern Onett, and occasionally in Threed. Coil Snakes are green snakes named for their appearance in battle, which is always coiled in the shape of a spring. A stronger relative, the Thirsty Coil Snake, is encountered in the Gold Mine of the Dusty Dunes Desert. Coil Snakes are notable for being the weakest enemy in EarthBound as well as giving the least amount experience.


Coil Snakes can either bite a single character or immobilize them by coiling around them and attacking. They have low HP, and give proportionately low amounts of experience and money.


  1. Use biting attack
  2. Coil around target and attack

Coil snake with background

Coil snake as seen in game