The Clumsy Robot (ゆだんロボ, Careless Robot) is a boss from EarthBound. It is found on the top floor of the Monotoli Building in Fourside, guarding the door to Geldegarde Monotoli's office, where the kidnapped Paula is being held. Unlike the other robots that appear in the Monotoli Building, all of which appear to be built for combat, the Clumsy Robot behaves less like a sentry and more like a malfunctioning janitor. Despite its erratic behavior and strange appearance, the Clumsy Robot cannot be defeated by conventional means.

During Ness and Jeff's battle with the Clumsy Robot, it attacks infrequently, spending most of the time Turn Wasting, doing things like "Cleaning the area", "Reeling" and "Wanting to go and get a battery". However, when it does attack, it launches a missile that deals approximately 300 points in damage. One of its attacks is eating a bologna sandwich that claims to restore his HP, although it really does nothing. It may also stumble and fire a strange beam, which may cause solidification. When the Clumsy Robot is defeated, the Runaway Five burst in and flip the 'Off' switch on the robot's back, causing it to stop moving. Its battle theme is Otherworldly Foe.

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