Club Titiboo is a club in Mother 3 visited in Chapter 4. A ticket must be given to the man in charge of Ropeway in order to enter, although upon arrival, Lucas is told of their "no animals" policy, in reference to Boney. However, the two come back soon with Boney in a human's get-up, and are allowed in by Violet, a waitress of the club.

Club Titiboo's map.

Violet is then revealed to be Kumatora, whom first met Lucas three years ago. She says that one of the members of the DCMC looks very much like Duster. After the concert, Lucas can visit Violet's employee lounge. After a shower, the two discuss all the past happenings. Because of their smell due to travelling in the underground tunnel, Kumatora keeps asking Lucas and Boney to shower. If they continue to refuse, Kumatora yells at them to shower and they do so.

Kumatora tells Lucas to go through the attic to get to DCMC's room. After navigating the attic and defeating the Jealous Bass, the three meet up with Lucky, whom claims he knows where he placed the Egg of Light, but does not know that he is Duster. After Lucas defeats the members of the DCMC at Stone-Sheet-Clippers, it is decided that Lucky will go with Lucas, Boney, and Kumatora.

Upon leaving, the DCMC play a farewell song to Duster, Bon Voyage, Amigo, and he takes off his afro before venturing with the team.

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