Clayman Factories are factories established by the Pigmask Army in Mother 3. It is first opened to Lucas and Boney in Chapter 4, and another one becomes available in Chapter 5. A Pigmask Captain (whose name is Mr Brown) is in charge of this place, and the people working in the factory are the few inhabitants of Tazmily. They each have a pig-like vending machine, an Instant Revitalizing Machine, and a nearby Save Frog.

The first factory in Chapter 4 is quite interactive. The Pigmask Captain will ask Lucas for his player's name for the second time. Lucas' job in this factory is to push three weak claymen. Boney's job is to run on a treadmill, which somewhat powers the factory. When both jobs are finished, the Pigmask Captain will award them 200 DP and a ticket to Club Titiboo. The factory can be revisited for more DP, but it shuts down by Chapter 7.  Pigmasks in the building state the factory's mines are for digging up clay to build Clayman, but one in particular suggests that this is nothing more than a front to try and dig up the Dark Dragon and perhaps one of the Needles.

The second factory is in Chapter 5. To get in, Lucas and co. have to disguise as Pigmasks. A Pigmask Major can mistake Lucas for the Commander and his party for Pigmask Soldiers. Once the party leaves the entrance of the factory, Pork Tanks block its entrance and an ongoing quarrel of the Pigmask Captains is heard. After a while, this factory can be revisited, but Security Robots and Pigmasks patrol its perimeter; this factory is also the only location of the Security Robots.


  • If the player enters "Hard Mode" in the name the Pigmask Captain wishes to know, all enemies will seem tougher, since they might get higher HP, offense, and defense. But, if "Hard Mode" is entered via the temple in Tazmily, all enemies will return to their normal state.
    • This was an easter egg added in by Tomato, and the player is informed of it in the game's ending, should they completely fill their Battle Memory.