City Zoo (ショークリームどうぶつえん, Choucream Zoo in Mother) is a location in EarthBound Beginnings. This place is first entered by Ninten via a key from the zookeeper. Here Ninten gets the third of the Eight Melodies. The place is teeming with widlife; the most feared of them are the crocodiles and tigers. The animals in the zoo are being influenced by Giegue, so they attack Ninten. These boast with a lot of HP, offense, and defense, and when defeated, awards Ninten with a good amount of EXP and money.

When Ninten enters the superintendent's office, he encounters Starman Junior, the first boss. The Starman Jr. is also the reason why the animals ran amok because it is broadcasting an odd signal. At the end of the battle, the animals are put into order, and the monkey is in the cage, he will sing the third of the eight melodies to Ninten.

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