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"The voracious Chomposaur stomps about the plains of the Lost Underworld, hunting slow dinossaur watchers. If you meet one of these monsters, make sure you greet it with a powerful attack like the Multi-Bottle Rocket."
EarthBound Player's Guide

The Chomposaur is an enemy in EarthBound. It looks like a purple cross between a Stegosaurus and a Brachiosaurus.



  • PSI Fire α/β/γ - The Chomposaur tries PK Fire α, β, or γ, dealing damage to all party members. Ness and Paula are more resistant to this attack.
  • Swung its tail very hard - The Chomposaur swings its tail, dealing around 200 hit points of damage to one party member.
  • Stomped with its huge foot - The Chomposaur stomps with its foot, hitting one party member.


Early Concept Art[]

Concept art of a Chomposaur and Wetnosaur in the Lost Underworld

In the Mother 1+2 Art Book, early concept art of a Chomposaur and Wetnosaur in the Lost Underworld shows that the Chomposaur changed little from its original design.


  • The Chomposaur drops the Magic fry pan, the ultimate weapon for Paula, 1/128 of the time upon defeat.
  • The Chomposaur has the highest amount of HP out of all regular enemies in the game.