"This command allows you to check the surrounding area. It is especially useful when you find a gift box, chest, or coffin. By checking these containers, you gain many useful items. When going to an ATM, you also use the Check command to activate the ATM."
EarthBound Player's Guide

Ninten checks an Omegasaucer.


Ninten checks the river. No problem.

Check is a command in the menus of EarthBound Beginnings and EarthBound. In EarthBound Beginnings, it can be used out of battle to examine the object or talk to the person Ninten and friends are facing, saying "No problem" if there is no specific text programmed for what they are examining. In battle, the target's Offense and Defense stats are visible, a comment about the enemy and any resistances to PSI techniques (excluding PK Beam) also appear. It can be used to find out what enemies are weak to (enemies resistant to PK Freeze are often weak to PK Fire, and vice versa) as well as discovering if Ninten and co. are fighting a strong enemy. In EarthBound, Check can only be used out of battle in the same way that it is in EarthBound Beginnings, the only difference being that not checking anything gives the line "No problem here" instead of "No problem." In battles, Check has been replaced with Jeff's Spy command, which can also take the item the enemy will drop upon defeat during the battle. In Mother 3, the A button does everything that Check did out of battle. In battle, Boney's sniff command work similarly to Jeff's spy, but only display the PSI and status effect weakness, and does not work on certain bosses.

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