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Chapter 7: The Seven Needles is the seventh chapter of Mother 3, and the longest chapter in the game. It is also the last chapter where the player can freely traverse the Nowhere Islands, which are now mostly abandoned due to the actions of the Pigmask Army.

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Chapter 7 begins with Ionia being tied up in a rope in Tazmily Village. Lucas and Boney (who was with Lucas at the time) take the Magypsy back to Aeolia's house. Soon Aeolia's Needle in Osohe Castle gets pulled, and he/she disappears. Lucas and Ionia then go to Osohe Castle to check on the needle, only to find it pulled.

Ionia states that the Needles are guarded by each of the Magypsies to keep the Dark Dragon asleep, and when the Time comes, the needles shall be pulled. Only those who know PK Love are able to pull said needles.

After Ionia's speech, a Pigmask calls Lucas and says that he needs to get to the Chimera Lab as soon as possible, as Salsa and Samba have entered the lab. Lucas and Boney leave Osohe, and on the way there, Nippolyte gives Lucas a Courage Badge, stating that Flint wanted to give it to Lucas. Afterwards, Lucas and Boney reaches the Chimera Lab, and they look for the monkeys. While doing so, they encounter the Almost Mecha-Lion, but a Clayman blocked it. Then the Pigmasks mention that the Ultimate Chimera has escaped, and that it is extremely dangerous. From there, Lucas finds the monkeys in the basement, but the Ultimate Chimera corners Lucas and the monkeys. Lucas dodges its attack, and Dr. Andonuts (who was in a trashcan at the time) tells Lucas that it is battery powered. When the chimera chases them down, Salsa jumps onto it and turns the switch off.

After leaving, the party reaches Doria's house, where they find Kumatora. Doria's needle is located in a pond, so Lucas gets the Pump Chimera from Dr. Andonuts, and it transfers the water from the pond into an empty hole next to it, revealing Doria's Needle. Lucas proceeds to pull it, and Doria disappears.

Lucas then encounters the Mole Cricket he faced in the Prologue, and he wants a rematch with Lucas. The mole cricket leads him into his Mole Cricket Hole, where the fight will take place. Lucas proceeds to one-hit it, and he is met with a massive mole cricket maze. The mole crickets say to turn at every turn, no matter what. If Lucas does so, he will eventually reach the end of the maze, located in Snowcap Mountain. Lucas then visits Lydia's house, where his/her Needle is. Upon approaching the needle, the Masked Man is already there. He flies away, and the Steel Mechorilla fights them. Lucas defeats the reconstructed gorilla, and Lydia sends them out to Sunset Cemetery using a "white box", which is just a refrigerator.

After all that, the party goes to the Highway, and they ride on a coffee table to Saturn Valley. From there they end up finding Duster, who was held captive by the Pigmask Army. They free Duster, along with the Rope Snake, who was also held captive. The party then heads up to Fire Mountain, where Phrygia, the sleeping Magypsy's, house is located. Lucas speaks encouraging words to a boulder that is blocking the way to the needle, and it moves out of the way. The party heads up to the fourth needle location. But out of nowhere, Fassad flies down, with an interpreter. He is now known as New Fassad, and his mouth is replaced with horns, and says that he will get his revenge against the Chosen Four. He proceeds to fight them, but Lucas ends up defeating Fassad. He swears to return and fight Lucas soon. Upon Fassad's defeat, Lucas pulls the needle.

The party is just about to leave Saturn Valley when the Pigmask Army bombs the exit to the highway, blocking it off. Lucas is then forced to collect some birds to help them fly over. Eventually, Lucas goes to the hot spring, where he and the party drink some coffee, triggering a motivational message to the player. After Lucas drinks the coffee one of the Mr. Saturns takes Lucas' Courage Badge to clean it. Meanwhile the Mr. Saturns have finished making a "Flying Birdie cage", but the Rope Snake insists on the party using him to hold onto instead of a normal rope. The party proceeds to use the Rope Snake to fly, only for him to lose grip and fall right next to the ocean in Tazmily Village.

The party must get to the next needle, located in Tanetane Island. To get there, Lucas must cross the Sea Floor Dungeon, where oxygen meters are limited. To cross the Sea Floor Dungeon, there are numerous Oxygen Supply Machines throughout the area, and they will replenish your oxygen. Once the party reaches the end of the ocean, Master Eddy suddenly attacks, and Lucas must fight him to progress. Once the party defeats Master Eddy, all their items, except for equipped and key items, will be gone from their inventories, their HP will drop to 1, and their PP will drop to 0. Because of this, the party must eat some mushrooms, which claim to be "energizing", from the ground. However, upon eaten, Lucas's party begins to feel "dandy", and full of hallucinations. They see figures of Flint Claus, Alec, Wess, among other people. When talking to them, they will attack you, and they are revealed to be Eerie Smiles. They can turn into other things due to Lucas's hallucinations. Eventually, the party will reach Mixolydia's house, where he/she cures their hallucinations. Ocho, an octopus, manages to find all of their items in the water, and returns them back to the party. Mixolydia then sends Lucas and the party out to her needle, guarded by the Barrier Trio. Upon defeat, however, the Masked Man strikes Lucas with lightning, knocking him out. The Masked Man proceeds to pull the needle in front of Lucas.

Lucas wakes up, and the party all leave Tanetane Island. decides to give them a ride back to Tazmily. Now the party is left to get the Sixth Needle, which is the final needle in the chapter (the Seventh Needle is found in Chapter 8), located in Chupichupyoi Temple near Ionia's house. The party visits Ionia, and he/she says that Chupichupyoi Temple is covered in vines frozen by time, so he/she gives Lucas the Waters of Time. As Lucas goes to the temple, a Mr. Saturn in a red hood brings Lucas' Courage Badge back to him, only to find out that it was actually a Franklin Badge. Upon reaching the temple, the party sees the Pigmask Army, along with the Masked Man, attempting to break in using a Clayman, failing to do so. The Pigmask Colonel and 2 Pigmask Majors attack Lucas and the party. After defeating them, the Masked Man fires a lightning bolt at Lucas, but the Franklin Badge reflected it back. The Masked Man then proceeds to charge at Lucas. Once Lucas defeats the Masked Man, he will surrender, flying away, and the Pigmasks will flee. Lucas then pours the Waters of Time on the vines blocking Chupichupyoi Temple, disintegrating the vines. When the party enters, Ionia catches up and enters with them. But before Lucas pulls the Needle, Ionia decides to teach Kumatora PK Starstorm, Kumatora's strongest PSI attack, and the second strongest PSI attack in the game. After pulling the Needle, Ionia disappears and Lucas learns PK Love Ω, the strongest PSI attack in the game.

After leaving the temple, a chauffeur leads Lucas into his limousine. He states that Master Porky invited the party to New Pork City, an obvious parody of New York City.

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