Cerebrum (Brainga in Mother) is an enemy in EarthBound Beginnings. They look like a brain with legs in a capsule. They are encountered in the cave of Mt. Itoi. They are a very difficult enemy to deal with, and are notorious for the variety of PSI they use. They have extremely high defense and high PP too. They also are very fast in battle, and may go first. A way of dealing with this enemy is having Ana use PK Freeze γ on it, as it will make it go into critical status, and then finish it off with a party member with high attack power (Teddy). A better idea for dealing with this foe, however, is to have Ana use PSI Block, as this enemy only uses PSI attacks, it will not be able to move, and PSI Lifeup and PSI Magnet essentially make it a free healing station.

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